The enormous biodiversity of the region, the desolation of our "own" mountainous land and the new perspective in Greece of crisis, has prompted us to the implementation of our thoughts.
Our idea set off around the uniqueness of an amazing microclimate and the land that came to our possession after a century of fallow, as well as around the knowledge and the passion of the villagers.
The degradation of a unique ecosystem by man himself and the rich, endemic flora were enough motivation to take up cultivation of exceptional herbs and fruit in various mountainous terrains and to proceed to the production of special dairy products.
Seeking paths
to the peak.
Our philosophy is based on the natural way of cultivating the grounds and managing nature resources, as was the case with our ancestors.
Our fields have always been part of forest areas, next to cedar, fir and pine trees as well as wild rose bushes. Fauna interaction with our fields urged us to use medium paling - conservation of the ecosystem being our priority.
Mountainous terrains that already accommodate that kind of plants have been chosen and parts of land that were derelict have been revived. With a mild and prudent husbandry, we aim at promoting natural, mountain cultivation as well as preserving endangered plant varieties. Applying all the above, we produce commodities of high nutritional value, seeking for their international accreditation and their acknowledgement as one-of-a-kind.
A pio neering operation.
Maintaining the mountain ecosystem.
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