Our love for land and natural cultivation has defined our production methods. Applying the Integrated Crop Management System with a strictly biodynamic approach, without any additives and interventions, we grow and produce one-of-a-kind land products.
Our main concern is to completely avoid heavy manipulation, to conduct manual labor exclusively and to improve the quality of the soil in our land by using compost from free-range animals in order to enhance fertility and provide plants with balanced nutrition.
Plant and fruit harvest is conducted without any mechanical means, under the most ideal conditions possible, with the sole purpose of "encapsulating" the aromas and their nutrients. Irrigation is applied selectively, only where necessary, and drying takes place naturally, in brick warehouses of the last century.
We aim at directly packaging the products in their final form; herbs-spices in a very short period of time from their drying, and raspberries on the day of harvesting the fruit.
Storage under
ideal conditions
Herbal-spice packaging takes place after rigorous screening and under "modified atmosphere" (MAP). With this pioneering method, both natural disinfection and preservation is achieved, while the length and intensity of the organoleptic characteristics of the packaged products is increased, thus providing the consumer with the most "fresh" dried herbs and spices. The weighed-with-absolute-precision product, after one last inspection, takes its final form into the package.
The packaging process is conducted under strict standards and initially begins by macroscopically checking the raw materials. In the processing and packaging area of raw materials, all up-to-date hygiene and cleaning methods are applied, in accordance with international food regulations. In view of environmental protection and ecological conscience, the consumables used are from biodegradable and recyclable materials, suitable for use in food (food grade), certified by the competent bodies.
We cultivate next to endemic plants.
Packaging that meets high requirements.
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