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The company research the last years has focused on two kinds of herb-teas, the “stachys iva” and “ sideritis raeseri”. After a strenuous search and effort with the scientific associates of the company, a rare type of tea whose Latin name is "stachys iva" was included on our own initiative in the national herb catalog under the name of "white tea", and we were subsequently given the permission for its planting by the Ministry of Rural Development.
With the guidance of specialists, native strands of the above herb-teas were harvested, multiplied in the nurseries of the company, and experimental plantings were then conducted in the microclimates we encounter them under wild conditions. One of our priorities is study, identification and classification of some rare endemic plants in the area that they grow for the purpose of their multiplication, cultivation and preservation due to the extinction of native populations. For this reason a network of collaborations with scientific bodies and specialized scientists has been developed.
Department of Pharmaceutical
Aromatic Plants

A very important collaboration has been developed with the organization “ELGO DIMITRA – Department of Pharmaceutical Aromatic Plants”. The organization through targeted research conducted, is producing and transferring knowledge about the development of plant production and solving topical agricultural problems.

The main objective of the research is the conservation, evaluation and exploitation of plant genetic resources as well as the creation and promotion of new varieties and species with improved yield, quality and adaptability. At the same time, researches are carried out in individual fields of plant production, such as Aromatic pharmaceutical and Native plants of the Greek flora.

The main objective of our cooperation is the scientific and technical development of actions which aim at improving the production processes, certifying the quality characteristics of our products and establishing the most suitable agricultural cultivation practices. Furthermore, chemical analyzes are carried out in the laboratories of the organization for the identification of wild varieties of aromatic and pharmaceutical plants of our region.

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Konstantinos Papanikolaou
Systematic Botany

The identification and classification of the area’s native plants was undertaken by Mr. Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Professor at the Agricultural School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Mr. Papanikolaou has participated in many Greek and international symposia, conferences and scientific meetings, is a Principal Research Associate of the international research team of the Greek mountain flora and for many years has been coordinator of a research group for the study of our country’s
aromatic plants.

He is known for his research work at the Institute of Systematic Botany of the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and at the Agricultural School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with main subject the Systematic Botany.

The recognition of his research work is also evidenced by the bibliographical references of other researchers as well as by the award by the Academy of Sciences of Athens. In addition, another indication of recognition of his scientific work is the UNEP proposal for the position of potential reviewer in the section “The magnitude and distribution of biodiversity”.

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Organization for the Control
and Certification
of Organic Products

The organic certification of our crops and the products’ processing and packaging lines is carried out by the DIO organization – Control and Certification Organization for Organic Products with many years of experience and leading position in the specific area.

The DIO Organization keeps up with the achievements in the field of organic farming at international level and paves the way for the development of organic farming in our country with various and pioneering actions. Some of them are the promotion of organic products in the Greek and international markets through participation in exhibitions and participation in European and national programs about the promotion of organic farming. With their expertise, valid information and guidance are offered on the latest progress in organic farming and Quality Management and Security Systems.

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